PRIVACY does its best to protect your privacy with respect to information not otherwise disclosed by you in questions submitted to
In connection with the submission of Free Questions and Paid Consultations, we only require, and we encourage you to only provide, the minimum amount of personal identifying information necessary to process a question. All of your personal information provided to, including email addresses, is concealed from all other Users of and is never published as part of the public database. Only the administrators have access, for purposes of Website administration only, to this information. will not disclose this information to third parties without your permission, except in the following circumstances:

(i) to protect ourselves from liability, or
(ii) to respond to the legal process or to otherwise comply with the law.

With respect to certain information supplied by you, as explained further below, there will be a need for disclosure to Mediator’s / Professionals when you have booked a paid consultation.
Whether other information submitted to by you, such as the contents of the Question itself, will be publicly disclosed will vary as between Free Questions and Paid Consultations